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Monday, February 20, 2006


Latest update from Defamer.com!

 Fark Cruised?

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According to BoingBoing, Fark’s Drew Curtis received a particularly hostile e-mail in response to a Fark comment thread about yesterday’s Life & Style Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes break-up story (which was, of course, immediately denied by Team Cruise). Curtis noted that the sender’s IP address belongs to Paramount Studios, leading him to hypothesize that the anonymous, grammatically innovative e-mailer was Cruise himself. The e-mail:

I can’t believe that people actually read and or believe this bull shit that is posted on fark.com. This is the first time I have been to fark.com and definatly the last. Considering I am witness to a lot of shit that goes on in hollywood, its hard to post some complete bull shit rumor say about tom cruise and katie holmes breaking up when they are sitting in front of you acting completely normal and sane. You guys must have small penis’s since you have to make up shit for people to notice you. Hate to be with you in bed. Dumb shits! You may think I am, at least Im getting rich off being honest and not lieing to everyone in the fucking world.

We’d love to believe that Cruise spends his downtime lost in vanity Google session and firing off unhinged missives about the health of his relationship [Ed.note: Tom: call us!], but we have a hard time picturing the Scientology Information Officers letting him anywhere near a computer, for fear the rest of his life would be consumed by a crusade to wipe out the unchecked negativity of the internets. And with so many people on the Paramount lot (where his production company is housed) whose jobs are dependent on Cruise’s career, the message really could’ve come from anyone. So as long as we’re taking guesses as to the angry writer with the disabled spell-checker, we might as well finger a far more likely suspect: Paramount Emperor Brad Grey. It all makes sense now, doesn’t it?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes - it's over!

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes - it's over!

Life & Style has learned exclusively that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have agreed to call off their wedding - and, ultimately, to split.

Multiple insiders confirmed the story to Life & Style, with one longtime friend of Tom's saying: "Their relationship is basically over." Another friend adds: "They both agreed that the marriage wouldn't work and they wanted to end it before they learned to hate each other."

The insiders say that Tom, 43, and Katie, 27, plan to keep up the charade of a romance until after their baby's birth this spring. In the meantime, the couple will live in his Beverly Hills home - though sleeping in separate bedrooms - through the summer. Then, presumably, they'll announce a separation - but Tom plans to buy Katie a home nearby so he can visit his child whenever he wishes.

"They'll share custody," says the friend, who claims the couple are drawing up a legal document to provide for Katie's and the baby's financial well-being for life. "Tom will set up Katie and the baby," adds the pal.


Another rumor??? Bet we'll hear within the hour!

Monday, February 13, 2006


Tom Cruise & Kanye West: Mission Ridiculous

What else can Tom Cruise do to make a fool of himself?  Well, he could climb a rope up to the balcony of a crowded club to see some rapper rap. Yes, it's true.  Tom Cruise reportedly climbed a rope from the floor of Hollywood's Avalon club up to a balcony, where he then proceeded to watch Kanye West perform on Monday night, according to KP International.

As if his couch-jumping antics on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" or his Scientology tirade against Matt Lauer weren't enough.  Here is a man with a reputation of being a loon, so naturally, he was invited to attend a pre-Grammy party hosted by "Rolling Stone" magazine and Verizon, where he doesn't disappoint.

It's been recently confirmed, according to published reports, that Grammy-winning rapster Kanye West has agreed to record his version of the "Mission: Impossible" theme for the third film of the series.  The new release is due to arrive in theatres in May. "We wanted to take this installment of "Mission" to the next level," Cruise is quoted as saying.  "And Kanye's music definitely added to accomplishing that goal."

Still doesn't explain the monkey business.  What the heck was that rope doing there in the first place?"

Well I took a look at the club's website and yep it's official - Tom's still a fricken nutbar! Look!!

Sunday, February 12, 2006


New Scientology website defends legitimate critics....

For years a contraversial website that makes outrageous statements about anyone that openly criticizes $cientology by writing pages of the apparent "laws and contraversial - actions" that they may have (or most likely haven't been) involved... Activities that took place over twenty years ago are even mentioned in an attempt to "dead agent" them. Although the site makes no reference to being owned by them there's someting odd going on! Now a site fights back: www.religiousfreedomwatch.info has real stories and real links to prominant critics... don't call for anymore of the cult's crap! Check it out... I'm even there!! ;)

Sunday, February 05, 2006



A lot of people have emailed me asking exactly what Scientology is. Well, here's the best explanation I've seen... read on:

In the late 1940s, pulp writer L. Ron Hubbard declared:
"Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion" Reader's Digest reprint, May 1980, p.1

Hubbard then went onto create the "Church" of Scientology...
The following is an extract from a text by ex-Scientologist Roland Rashleigh-Berry. Roland wrote:
"This is my personal opinion. I grant permission to anyone to reproduce this material. This description has been tailored to people who have never been Scientologists and seek a simple and short explanation as to what it is and why it is surrounded by controversy." 
This extract is taken from the web's #1 Scientology info site: www.xenu.net

In a Nutshell

The Church of Scientology is a vicious and dangerous cult that masquerades as a religion. Its purpose is to make money. It practices a variety of mind-control techniques on people lured into its midst to gain control over their money and their lives. Its aim is to take from them every penny that they have and can ever borrow and to also enslave them to further its wicked ends.

It was started in the 1950s by a science fiction writer named L. Ron Hubbard in fulfilment to his declared aim to start a religion to make money. It is an offshoot to a method of psychotherapy he concocted from various sources which he named "Dianetics". Dianetics is a form of regression therapy. It was then further expanded to appear more like a religion in order to enjoy tax benefits. He called it "Scientology".

Scientology is a confused concoction of crackpot, dangerously applied psychotherapy, oversimplified, idiotic and inapplicable rules and ideas and science-fiction drivel that is presented to its members (at the "advanced" levels) as profound spiritual truth.

The Harm it Does to a Person

The results of applying their crackpot psychotherapy (called "auditing") is to weaken the mind. The mind goes from a rational state to an irrational one as the delusional contents of the subconscious mind are brought to the surface and are assumed to be valid. It also makes a person more susceptible to suggestion since it submerges the critical thinking faculties of the mind into a partial subconscious state. It results in a permanent light hypnotic trance and so from thenceforth that person can be more easily controlled. The person will, to a much greater extent, believe and do whatever they are told. And of course this is used to the full in persuading them to hand over further money and dedicating themselves further to the cult.

The results of applying their oversimplified and inapplicable rules in life is to lose the ability to think rationally and logically. A person loses the ability to think for themselves and so they lose the ability to challenge incorrect ideas. This makes them easier to control. It also isolates and alienates the person from society so that they withdraw from normal society and into their "Scientology" society. This further increases their susceptibility to the influence of their group. They end up being afraid of society, believing all society to be controlled by a group of drug companies, psychiatrists and financiers all of whom report to more remote masters. In other words they are in a state of mass paranoia. They therefore avoid reading newspapers and the like since they fear it will disturb their safe Scientology world. It is a downward spiral into madness.

The science fiction content of Scientology is revealed to them after they have reached the state they call "Clear", meaning freed from the aberrations of the mind. However, perhaps "brainwashed" would be a more applicable word to describe the mental state of someone who has survived the near entire delusional contents of their subconscious mind brought to the surface and presented to them as "truth". On the "advanced" levels (called OT levels) above the state of "Clear" they encounter the story of Xenu. Xenu was supposed to have gathered up all the overpopulation in this sector of the galaxy, brought them to Earth and then exterminated them using hydrogen bombs. The souls of these murdered people are then supposed to infest the body of everyone. They are called "body thetans". On the advanced levels of Scientology a person "audits out" these body thetans telepathically by getting them to re-experience their being exterminated by hydrogen bombs. So people on these levels assume all their bad thoughts and faulty memories are due to these body thetans infesting every part of their body and influencing them mentally. Many Scientologists go raving mad at this point if they have not done so already.

The "Ethics" Trap

On the surface the Church of Scientology seems reasonable. The insane content of it is only revealed to a person when the early stuff has done its work and made them more susceptible. After a short while a person "believes" that Scientology is doing them good. They are then persuaded to help their new-found group further by donating money and/or working for the organisation for almost no money. Many people do exactly that.

"Ethics" is used to good effect to trap a person. A person’s natural tendency to do good is worked upon. Yes - they want to be more ethical, but what is ethical? This is where a clever trick is pulled! "Ethics" is redefined by Scientology in such a way that to be ethical is to be a better Scientologist and obey the "church". Young people, not yet made cynical through the machinations of life and politics, are very keen to contribute to the world and to be ethical. So the "ethics" trick works easily into persuading them to join the "church". Many of them join an elite group called the "Sea Org" where they become brainwashed slaves. There they work a hundred hour week for almost no pay. There they are subject to every cruel whim of their masters. It is a living hell that they endure because of the conditioning they have received and this now perverted sense of ethics that they have accepted. The "Sea Org" is the ultimate in brainwashed slavery. They are expected to work harder and harder to achieve ever higher targets of production. If they fail to meet their targets there are various penalties. One of them is to be put onto a diet of beans and rice and to miss sleep. Another is to be sentenced to a period on the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force). This is the equivalent to "hard labour". Such is the extent of their brainwashing that they actually write "success stories" when they complete their sentences.

Brainwashing Bites Back

There is no doubt at all that L. Ron Hubbard incorporated brainwashing techniques into Scientology to put people under his control. He even wrote a "brainwashing manual" which is still in existence today. However there was a cruel twist in his scheme. He fell victim of it himself. In creating his devoted slaves, the Sea Org, he created an audience that believed every word he said. Now L. Ron Hubbard had an over-active imagination plus delusions of grandeur. The negative feedback he would obtain by being part of normal society was replaced by the positive feedback from his devoted followers. Through this his imagination got the better of him and combined with his delusions of grandeur, his thinking became increasingly bizarre which, on acceptance, led on to more bizarre thinking and the idea that he and Scientology had the job of saving the entire universe He wanted to take over the world in order to further Scientology’s aims to save the universe and so branches of Scientology were set up to try to influence governments and gain positions where they could influence to world to a high degree. So what started out as a mass confidence trick backed up with brainwashing became a monstrous and insane organisation with fantastic, fanatical ideals. Because of this change, the Church of Scientology survived the death of their founder. It is like a runaway monster machine that tramples on society and peoples lives that is very difficult to stop.

Stop the Monster

The whole machinery called the "Church of Scientology" needs to be jammed somehow so that more people do not get sucked in and the people already in it have a chance to get out. We must not forget the people already in this "church". Although they are the ones perpetrating this crime they are also the victims. They need our help as well.

And here we come to the "War on the Internet".

The War on the Internet

The "War on the Internet" is the war between the Church of Scientology and Internet users who copy their documents and post them on the Internet.

The people who are copying their material and webbing it are using the huge accessibility of the world-wide web to get information out to people to warn them of the insanity and danger of this cult. They are doing it for the public good. The hope is that if they can get this information out to the public and make it broadly known then people will be forewarned and will not join the cult. If they can starve the cult of new members in this way then the whole organisation may collapse and then the existing members can be helped to return to society. But of course the people within the cult believe only their own founders interpretation of things so they use every means they can to stop this. Usually the method they use is harassment through lengthy and expensive legal processes. Sometimes it is physical harassment. Sometimes worse!

The people who post and host the copyrighted and confidential works of Scientology are risking themselves to help warn the public about the dangers of Scientology. They have a strong sense of public duty and care for their fellow men. They are breaking copyright laws it is true but they are acting out of conscience and out of high human ideals. As they get broken down by legal or physical harassment more rise to take their place.

I hope this short piece of mine is a befitting and deserving introduction to these people, the "Warriors of the Internet".

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