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Sunday, March 19, 2006



Hey guys!
Many of you have emailed in stating that our vids have stopped working - some of you even went so far as to find out why and were told by the company hosting the videos for us (YouTube) that they were "removed at the request of the owner"
Well, that's a bunch of baloney. No doubt, just like Viacom and screaming "It wasn't Tom that make us pull South Park Trapped in the Closet it was because of respect for Mr. Hayes" (YEAH RIGHT!), the vids on ScienTOMogy were NOT pulled at my request. I received no notice, warning, or communication of any kind from YouTube (kinda rude after pulling 3 million new viewers to their site!) nor are they even replying to requests as to what happened.
But, coincidently this happened the SAME DAY Viacom pulled South Park **reportedly** due to Cruise's pressure to drop all promotion of MI3 if they didn't. Occam's Razor points straight to Cruise sabotage here as well.
BUT NEVER FEAR! I immediately moved some of the more popular vids onto a backup (like the South Park episode of course!) and all the movies will be back online within a couple of days. We're moving to http://www.dailymotion.com - which as luck would have it has a FAR superior service... the vids will be faster, sharper and even better available for download as well as online live streaming. Check out our progress at http://www.dailymotion.com/scientomogy/ as we add more and more PLUS a whole heap of new videos too.
Thanks for your support guys... and let Tom know he can't control everything and BOYCOTT MI:3! (www.boycottmi3.com)
http://www.scienTOMogy.info - Just days away from once again having More Tom Cruise than HBO!

Keep up the great work, Glen. You've got a lot of people behind you.
Hey Glen.

Remember your mates at the Tom Cruise Chalkboard? How are ya, luv? Kerry here. :->

The culties got to us too again last week. Hack hack. Achooo! Neat timing, huh?

They didn't realize we were in Fiji (man, where are their OT powerz!), so I've posted the story - the parties you just missed, etc. etc. - of our island idyl while the TC boards were down. Enjoy, come say hi, and keep up the good work!!

If you can, add the South Park episode from March 22nd, "The Return of the Chef"....it was hysterical!!!
We got it! here!

When youtube says that they pulled it due to the request of the owner, how are they lying? South Park is an intellectual property and isn't owned by you simply because you posted it.

Besides that little bit of seeming irrationality keep up the good work against Scientology and Tom Cruise.
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