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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes - it's over!

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes - it's over!

Life & Style has learned exclusively that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have agreed to call off their wedding - and, ultimately, to split.

Multiple insiders confirmed the story to Life & Style, with one longtime friend of Tom's saying: "Their relationship is basically over." Another friend adds: "They both agreed that the marriage wouldn't work and they wanted to end it before they learned to hate each other."

The insiders say that Tom, 43, and Katie, 27, plan to keep up the charade of a romance until after their baby's birth this spring. In the meantime, the couple will live in his Beverly Hills home - though sleeping in separate bedrooms - through the summer. Then, presumably, they'll announce a separation - but Tom plans to buy Katie a home nearby so he can visit his child whenever he wishes.

"They'll share custody," says the friend, who claims the couple are drawing up a legal document to provide for Katie's and the baby's financial well-being for life. "Tom will set up Katie and the baby," adds the pal.


Another rumor??? Bet we'll hear within the hour!

Man...this thing is getting crazier and crazier. Maybe Tom found out that someone knocked her up, since he's barren!!!!

Oh Gosh...what a circus!!!!!
Without a partner she better have Sigourney Weaver in full "Ripley Aliens Gear" when that spawn is born.

Father? Tomkat or Facehugger?
tom is HOT
tom is nom for the saturn awards!
congrat Tom!
from smart awards show.

it will be his 5th award of the year2005 if he win.
Splitting up with child? Who will Tom pass on his limbo dancing techniques to?
[quote author=scienTOMogy.info link=topic=14619.msg295901#msg295901 date=1139881214]
Cruise fricken SUCKED in WOTW!

glen stollery, the gay wrestler, aka scientomogy get dumped by Cruise it seemed, such a story said, because he wanted to wrestle with him, i swear they say Stollery, a blond homo is from New Zealand and is batshit crazy in love with Tom and is living an I love/hate you passion story with Tom, who obviously doesn't care at all..

Everywhere I go on the web, I find him. Awful and scary! he is sick and insane, he is nuts!
Tom is his unhealthy obssesion, be careful because he posted some obsenities to little girls on a site, he get banned, and on rottentomatoes, he make his circus he got a blame, be careful
You will also get spam from his wabsite.
he is all day long posing about Tom Cruise since June 2005 on more than 40 website, from rickross.com to imdbd, here, tomcruiseheadquarter, xenu.com, aintitcoll.com

be careful don't talk to him even if he deny, it's usual from him, but I am not scare to warn you 8)
I KNEW this whole charade was a carefully-planned publicity stunt. Next for Tom, another young hopeless and mediocre actress to help him appeal to the younger crowd. If you have the money and a devious publicist, it can be done. And it has. I laugh at it all. Hoorah and finally at last the truth is coming out.
"SPLIT!" I LOVE THIS! It's about friggin time. Hmm, what next, the baby is born and now they'll work-up a deal with People magazine for 100K for their baby pictures and a love/hate relationship, and we are supposed to feel sorry and happy for them? NOT ME. And how convenient will it be should the baby be born around the same time MI3 premieres. We will wait and see...
I like the fact that Katie's lawyer-dad is looking out for her as I think this split is over money. I really do not think Tom wanted to marry Katie in the first place because he knew, sooner or later, she'd get fed up with his selfish, self-promoting antics. I hope she never lets Tom see his baby, he doesn't deserve the privilege of being a father!
I didn't know you were a gay wrestler!?!? Now I have more respect for you than ever.

If Shitology is going to sick their goons against Glen, you'd think they'd have the smarts to use one that actually knew how to spell and write in English.

Then again, maybe you wouldn't.

My goodness a "gay wrestler"?? Well, only a homophobic scientologist would write that as they believe homosexuality is a crime and can be cured through an e-meter (unfortunately try explaining that to Hubbard's son who could not be cured of his "crime" so committed suicide).

Tell me, was it a tough choice for you? You know, career wise; rocket scientist, brain surgeon, joining MENSA, or opting to be an idiot brainwashed drone with a single digit IQ (can you spell IQ?) and, who (unlike Tom) has not yet been cured of his/her illiteracy yet.

Please return when you are able to obtain at least a grade one grasp of the English language okay?

Now, go spend some more money getting all those aliens off you.... quick!


She´s not carrying a baby she´s carrying an ALIEN.........

She was barren but got preggers with Ron L.´s space sperm......
So much for being in love. I wonder when he'll be jumping on a couch for some other young soon to be scientologist.
glen is a scieno! lol
...further proof that scientology is a cult: it leads to relationship errors...

...so i can start a cult and get $$$$$$$$$$$ by becoming a science fiction writer. Interesting...
So she finally figured out he prefers hoovering mancock over carpet-munching.

Good for her...
I agree, the whole thing is a publicity stunt. The baby's coming out around the same time MI3. More publicity. I have absolutely NO RESPECT for Tom Cruise.

All those tabloids were talking for months and months that Jessica and Nick were splitsville, too. I didn't believe them. After all, they're tabloids. Jessica vehemently denied that they (she and Nick) had any problems. One month later, DIVORCE. Well, Tom's rep vehemently denies that Tom and Katie are splitsville. Of course, public relations firms are paid to cover up and lie. That's what they do.

I just LOVE when the TRUTH comes out. And it always does.
Tom Cruise is still king of the box office. Look at Russel Crowe- bombed with Cinderalla Man. Look at Keeanu's bombs. Look at Brad Pitt's bombs. Look at all the young "it" actors' bombs. Now look at Cruise, film after film after film consistently make over $100M domestically, and triple that amount internationally. Say what you want, but he's still the king.
The King Of Queens
King of sucking dick
The reason why Tom Cruise's movies make big at the box office is because he chooses only blockbuster stories, always with a lot of action. Tom's Vanilla Sky bombed. But his MI2 did great. Notice that all the movies that were box office hits were mostly ALL action films. Since you are making comparisons between him and Russel Crowe, Tom Cruise could never spar with Russel Crowe, who is a true actor, an artist. He plays character roles extremly well. He chooses challenging character roles. Maybe the movies he chooses don't do well at the box office, but most of the population consists of action-hungry viewers. More people go see action movies than drama. That is a fact. Tom Cruise always chooses to play roles in ACTION films. Notice very clearly that Tom Cruise always plays himself in all his movies. He is the same person in all his movies. He is not a great actor. He just makes a lot of money. And that does not equal genius. And that does not mean he is King, of anything. This man eats and shits the same as any one of us.
"Tom shits like the rest of us"?! Are you sure??? I have my doubts personally as so much crap spews comes out of his mouth I doubt there's much left! ;) hehe


Russel Crowe earned his Oscar because he truly works his craft as an actor. Where's yours, Tom? Apparently not.
Oh Tom’s got an Oscar, His Doctor thinks he can get it out by Wednesday!
That’s right, Tom’s had an Oscar (and a Fred, a Pierre and a Jim Bob Billy Ray)
I mean really... how can you compare A Beautiful Mind and Cocktail?? It just doesn't happen.
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