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Sunday, December 18, 2005



Here's a wee trip down memory lane for Cruise as we look at a wee photo album courtesy and of the LA Times Yes, be afraid. be very afraid!
All photos are hosted by the LA Times not this site, and are the copyright of their listed respective copyright holders below.

A star and his leader
Tom Cruise and David Miscavige after a brunch at Scientology’s Celebrity Centre in Hollywood about a year ago.
A Star and his... (gulp)... "leader" David Miscavige - Head of the RTC (parent company of the Church) since L Ron's death in 86.

A star and his leader
The Church of Scientology's Impact magazine published this photo showing Tom Cruise as he exchanges salutes with Scientology's ecclesiastical leader David Miscavige, who presented the movie star with the church's Freedom Medal of Valor in 2004 in Saint Hill, England.
And again. My God, Cruise is 5'7" - that would make him... what.... 5'4"?!

Medal of Valor
Scientology’s Impact magazine published these photos of church leader David Miscavige awarding Tom Cruise the Freedom Medal of Valor in England in 2004. These are a few of the photos published by the magazine in a commemorative edition, which included a 14-page spread on the ceremony and Cruise’s contribution to the church.
I bet this photo collage just warms the cockle's of the hearts of Katie's parents don't you? He looks so... so... so God Damn Proud it's actually frightening! Honestly this is some sick twisted imagery that forms nightmares. I'm actually going to be ill. Jesus... No, seriously... I can't look at this image ever again or I'll never sleep... think of something else quick!
Bonnie View
A closer view of “Bonnie View,” a $9.4 million mansion that ex-members say was constructed for the expected return of late church founder L. Ron Hubbard. Church officials say the mansion is simply a museum to commemorate Hubbard’s life and house most of his possessions. Hubbard, who had a fascination with all things Scottish, chose the Gilman Hot Springs property after discovering it while scouting filming locations that looked like Scotland, church officials said. Then spend $45 million rebuilding it.
Read that again; "a $9.4 million mansion that ex-members say was constructed for the expected return of late church founder L. Ron Hubbard." Ah yes, of course! Elron's return, why didn't we think of that? Maybe they think he just popped out to grab some milk and the newspaper or something, and is due back any sec for a cuppa in his new pad... HELLO! He died like 20 YEARS AGO!! Unless they mean Stan from South Park? Mind you, he's a cartoon character. Oh hell these people believe in Xenu for God's sake it could be built to house magical Scientology gnomes and fairies for all we know!

E-meter production
Ron Clifford, a church staff member at Gilman Hot Springs, assembles an “e-meter,” a machine used by Scientologists to measure spiritual clarity. The facilities churn out 10,000 e-meters every year, according to the church. The machines are sold to church members for about $5,000 each.
Okay, I only put this in to make a point. Work with me here on some math. At last I heard, Mike Rinder quoted the Church membership at ten million worldwide. (Our facts state 55,000 in the US so maybe 80,000 worldwide but we'll leave that for now). So, ten million members, all requiring auditing in each of the scientology centers, and on top of that each member is meant to own not one, but two of these personally as well at home (ya know, in case of an EMERGENCY auditing required and your darn $5,000 E-meter's broken... ya got a spare! Just like Boy Scouts these Scientologists...) Ten million members, and their production facility pumps out 10,000 per year? Is it just me or does that mean it would take a minimum of 2000 years until they'll have enough? That's the thing about making up baloney stories Rinder, someone will always catch ya on the little details... (maybe he meant 10 million thetans???)

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