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Saturday, December 24, 2005




IT'S HAPPENING! Tom Cruise's recent repeated massively irresponsible and potentially life-endangering statements that those on prescribed psychiatric medication should cease using them and use "exercise and vitamins and stuff"... combined with his promotion of what most consider a cult of Scientology has horrified a huge percentage of the public. In fact, our survey results below show from almost 2,500 responses a MASSIVE 83% of you feel just like us and are prepared to Boycott Mission Impossible III.

Well some of the major anti-Scientology websites are pulling together to do just that. We feel it's time someone made a stance against "Dr. Cruise's" bullying tactics, and every dollar he earns he gives a % to Scientology. Which means every time we pay to see a Cruise movie we're funding his cult! Well not anymore. Head to www.boycottmi3.com and put your name down in a worldwide boycott of M:I:III. You'll have a clear conscience, and help send a very powerful message to Cruise that you won't be donating to his cult this year. Beside, MI:II sucked anyway!

Head to www.boycottmi3.com and BOYCOTT M:I:III!

sir, this site is awesome, many thanks.

It is clear that Cruise is a good actor. He talks of scientology like Ronald Mc donald plays with kids; all smiles and no meat.
boycotting the movie ain't gonna do much cos he's already gotten paid for it. I ain't gonna see the movie anyway. the first one bored me to death.
At least the studio will lose their ass on this venture and maybe never film another MI again.
I'll just download it. Screw them all.
Screw Cruise and church of freaks!

I feel personally sorry for all those poor women who have to give birth without making any noise or pain relief.

I just hope it's true that Katie's being paid to be his wife and she does'nt actually belief this rubbish.....
you guys are taking this overboard. Stop making such a big fuss over it so it'll calm down. stop making it such a big deal. Sheesh...
But I do feel sorry for the women that has to go through labor like that. That's just insane... I can't believe Katie would convert to it, if she did.... a big jump from what she originally believed in..
what is your solution to the problems of the world? 800,000 rwandans were butchered in 100 days!!! babies taken from mothers and swung by their legs to the impact of cement on their heads!!! what is your fuckin solution?!!! psych drugs...lol? you just dont give a fuck about people and your life reflects that, you are pathetic. scientology is at least trying to stop this hell on earth. don't fight it unless you have a better fuckin answer!!!
How's this you repulsive blob of nasty ear wax, if you are ok in being brainwashed with this riDICKless crap {lol} then more power to your simple self. I say let ALL you grotesque heap of infested maggot brains to the inevitable. To each his own...after all, EVERYONE'S ENTITLED TO MY OPINION! lol
People like you are all foam and no beer.
What a waste of time...If you dont know this. Timmy will has already gotten paid for this crap ass of a movie. So its a useless battle...I say we shit on his car, much more effective and stinky. Everone gather fecal matter now.
I know, we all know that Cruise is a wack job, a certifiable deluded crazy midget who makes mostly awful films.
However the comment about psychiatric medicine is hardly a bad thing - there IS too much of a reliance on anti depressives and also child favouite ritilin. They are easy to prescribe and proove that most DRs have NO IDEA what they are dealing with. Obviously vitamins and excercise would not cure an accute schitzophrenic but apart from those extreme and rare cases, he does have a point - healthy body can lead to a healthy mind - but then of course, he's crazy.
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