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Monday, December 19, 2005


Did TomKat's foetus enjoy Scientology's purification programme?!

You know what I'm really concerned about is the Scientology purification rundown - that was the period she had skin blotches on face - no doubt because she was having to take up to 5 GRAMS (5000 mg) of niacin per day (rec. daily intake is 10mg so 500 times more!) and have numerous hot saunas whilst on a very low caloric intake. And she was pregnant.
Yah. That's GREAT for the baby. No wonder Tom bought the sonogram! I'd be freaking out too!

Well, let's see. What exactly are the known facts about the Cruise-Holmes Timeline?

April ?, 2005 The Meeting

April-May, 2005 The Missing 16 days

May 5, 2005 The Rash Report

So, there was possibly a three-four week time slot between the "meeting" and the "rash"....where Katie could have become pregnant. We won't know for sure when Katie became pregnant until a full-term baby is delivered, will we?

When Barbara Walters interviewed Cruise on October 30 for her Nov. special, Walters said it was a six month pregnancy, which would (if that was accurate) suggest the deed was done around April 30 or thereabout.

Is Katie allergic to Cruise? | the Daily Mail
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/showbiz/showbiznews.html?in_article_id=347454 Changed:12:24 PM on Monday, December 19, 2005

Anybody know what a niacin flush looks like? The pictures look more like herpes which, it was reported, Katie's former boyfriend had had, (cold sore), a mouth hickey and/or zits.

Tom Cruise Hickies Up Innocent Katie Holmes - The Bastardly
http://www.bastardly.com/archives/2005/05/04/tom-cruise-hickies-up-innocent-katie-holmes/ Changed:11:49 AM on Monday, December 19, 2005

But by any count, this was NOT a "fetus", when Katie showed up with "spots".

Perhaps you should count the facts before you hatch your eggs. :-)


(Google is your friend)
Ah, "Tigger" my old friend (aka Shirley Jean Wilson), perhaps it is you who should "look before you leap" (if we are using cliches here.

Here's another pic Herpes? Coincidently whilst she was doing her rundown. Possible considering what it would do to your immune system but no. Whatever. These are no doubt the photos when she looked the best too - we don't know how bad she looked for weeks behind closed doors.

Well contrary to what Tom told Barbara consensus based on her "bump"
seems to be more a January birth - but regardless we know she was doing
her rundown in May (it takes 20-30 days) worse case June early completion. So, based on a Jan birth and April conception she may have been in the 3rd month of development in June - perhaps foetal stage was premature but 3rd month 4th month who cares 5000-7000mg of niacin per day (LRH Clear Mind Clear Body dosages listed I have the book right here) is well into heavy toxidity levels for an adult let alone what was at that time (
By any counts, it could well have been at foetal stage so your "estimations" are just as founded as mine but no matter if at 3rd or 4th month) a growing human that fed purely off it's mother and those levels of niacin would be almost consider a poisin.

And in case you missed it, my blog began "what I'm really concerned
about" so please take a few deep breathes before jumping back on your Scientology horse will ya?


Overdosage: excessive doses of niacin--more than 2,000 milligrams a day--taken for a long period of time can damage the liver or cause a stomach ulcer to flare up. Nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, faintness, and yellowish skin and eyes can be warning signs of long-term overdose. If you develop any of these symptoms, check with your doctor without delay.

Overdose: high doses of niacin causes liver damage, peptic ulcers, and skin rashes, nicotinic acid overdose causes skin flushing, headaches, low blood pressure.

Ron the "scientific" (http://www.ronthenut.org/)...
Frankly I think Katie may not survive the birth of her child. How convenient for Tom. I have my doubts they'll marry.
Looked like a case of herpes to me. Those were sores, not a rash. Or, could have been a case of kissing rash with a unshaven beard and she picked at it and infected the rash. I am sticking with Herpes.

Hope Katie's baby is born normal. If she is doing the niacin, her baby could well be born deformed. Wonder how TOMKAT and Scientology will explain that.

I get the creeps looking at Cruise anymore. He has this ghoul look about him.
Tom Cruise take niacin and morphin since many years. There is no problem with it.
He is advised.

«Robert E. Geary, an Ohio dentist and former Scientologist, underwent the treatment with his wife.

"She was in okay shape, but she wasn't an athlete. She was losing sleep and having hallucinations, and they were saying, "Oh, that's good,' " Geary said in a telephone interview.

Geary said his wife eventually suffered a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized.


Several lawsuits have been filed against Scientology by families who blame purification programs for the death of a relative. In Portland, Ore., the parents of Christopher Arbuckle, 25, filed suit after he took a purification rundown course.

Arbuckle died after his liver failed. His parents settled out of court for an undisclosed amount and agreed not to discuss the case.»
Sores and other rashes like these have been reported before by former Scientologists who've endured the "purif." It's a combination of the high doses of niacin mixed with four and five hour sauna sessions - neither of which are good for the human body.

L. Ron used to explain the rashes as sunburns and radiation being purged from the body as a result of the "purif."
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