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Sunday, November 20, 2005


Tom Cruise's Wedding Gift for Kate Holmes

As you know, Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes are getting married as soon as possible. She is pregnant with his baby and they want the child to be born in a family. After Kate's father insisted on a pre-nup that delayed things for a while, nothing stands in their way anymore.

has happily signed the pre-nup that states he is to give Kate a few good millions if they broke up in less than five years, everybody is content, including the Holmes family, so the wedding preparations are on the run.

To start, Tom Cruise has already bought his fiancée the wedding gift. It is not a diamond ring, but a $20 million plane. Considering that
he has charmed her in a plane on their first date, the present has double the value.

“Tom wanted to come up with the most amazing wedding gift ever, something that would make her life so much better than a big diamond on her finger,”, a close friend of the two said.

is trying to give Kate, along with the Gulfstream jet, the passion for flying.

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