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Sunday, November 27, 2005


Tom Cruise - more bad publicity - as a lousy tipper!

The Post Chronicle™
By Mitch Marconi
Nov 26, 2005

As if Tom Cruise needed more bad publicity. A report from the website entitled www.bitterwaitress.com has labeled TomKat a cheapskate.

BitterWaitress.com has thousands of entries listing the identities of the generous gratuity avoiders.

The so-called 'Shitty Tipper Database' has famous names and regular citizen's side-by-side for turning cheap when the check came.

Tipper's Name: Tom Cruise
Where it happened: New York
Total bill/Tip amount/Percentage: $458.63/$5.00/ 1%
What happened?
Tom and Katie Holmes were absolutely rude as anything I've ever seen!

Jennifer Lopez is a repeat offender according to the website which has along side J-LO's name the words '1% you cheap f**k'

"What a bitch!" declared one entry, after she allegedly left only $1.27 as a tip on $350 bill at an unnamed Manhattan restaurant.

Another entry claimed that Barbra Streisand was equally cheapo in her tipping habits

Tipper's Name: Barbra Streisand
Where it happened: New York
Total bill/Tip amount/Percentage: $457.00/$10.00/ 2%
What happened?
She demanded the best table, acting rude to everyone and then barely tipped.

Britney Spears is another with a 'rap' sheet of multiple offenses.

Barry Manilow, another repeat offender allegedly tipped only $60 on a $564 bill complaining "his flan was too 'caramelly.' "

Superstar Yankees Shortstop Derek Jeter reportedly left a 3 percent tip on a $54.00 bill.

Yankees centerfielder Bernie Williams is a multiple offender - leaving between 7-8%.

According to the New York Post, Reps for the stars listed on the website could not be reached for comment.

Anyone can apparently post to the Web site - so there is no real way to tell if the allegations are true or not.

Not all people named in the database were given a rough review. A few got praised for their deep pockets.

Howard Stern was lauded as a modern-day 'Ol Blue Eyes, who was legendary for handing out $100 bills like they were business cards.

Natalie Portman was also praised, after allegedly giving a $45 tip for a $150 bill. She reportedly signed autographs as well.

Source: http://www.postchronicle.com/news/entertainment/article_2121515.shtml  

DAMN! I don't make anywhere near as much as these losers, but, at least I leave at least a 20% tip!!!
$60 on a $564?

Screw that! I dont care what you people say it the right percentage, no way do i leave anyone 60 bucks for bringing me a few plates of food.
If I did, Id start with my own mother who Id be owing thousands.
Just because the bill is downright stupid at one place doesnt make the job any harder than the one done by the waitress at the greasy dinner who is bringing you the $2.99 special.

I know its probably not a problem for someone who can afford 500 dollar meals but the percentage thing should have a ceiling because that is obscene.

And I worked behind the bar in my college days, so ive been on the receiving end as well.
wrong, Cruise is best tipper in golf. Each caddy gets 100$
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