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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


The Scoop on MSNBC reports on scienTOMogy (again!)

The scoop on MSNBC gets it right this week....
"Notes from all over
Despite reports that the operator of ScienTOMogy, a Web site mocking Tom Cruise and Scientology, is caving into lawyers for the religion and changing the name of his site, he insists he’s holding fast. “I’m calling your bluff,” he’s saying, according to OpenPress.com. “File your lawsuit, we’re keeping our domain... see you in court.”  . .  .  "

Considering the activities of this so-called church; they act more like a greedy reptilian law firm than a spiritual institution. Remember the 'Heaven's Gate Cult'? They believed in alien possession too, and they commited mass-suicide in March of 1997 if memory serves me correctly.
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