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Sunday, November 06, 2005


I've made it! Now a "notable scientology critic"!

UPDATED!! Yes I am now an official distinguished "notable scientology critic"! Take a look at http://xenu-directory.net/critics/stollery1.html Now I even have my own page! Feels pretty cool too! ;)

Glen, you are a very hot man who likes to tell it like it is, and Tom is a tool of the CO$. Any questions?
Why thank you but little guy jumping on a couch just there... that's not actually me (don't tell anyone but that IS TC himself!)

I look more like George from Seinfeld ;)

Xenu bless!

A notable achievement, sir! You should be proud.
hum, Tom Cruise is sexier than Glen.
No argument there from me! I just like couches a little less and don't believe I'm covered in dead space aliens... but he's DEFINITELY got my ass whipped in the sexy dept ;)
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