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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Cruise announces summer nuptials... (and some other bullsh@t!)

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (Photo: AAP)

Love-struck Hollywood megastar Tom Cruise wants to tie the knot with fiancée Katie Holmes next summer. The couple plan to get married, reportedly in the Dominican Republic or Jamaica, after Cruise finishes filming his latest movie, Mission: Impossible 3, with Lost director JJ Abrams.

Cruise told American TV host Barbara Walters that the couple was aiming for the summer but may have to wait until the autumn. By that time pregnant Holmes, 26, will have given birth to the couple's first child together. Cruise told Walters: "I do not have a film after Mission Impossible and that is a good time to get married."

The couple's first choice of a wedding venue, Cancun, was heavily damaged by Hurricane Wilma so other locations were being looked at. "We are going to get married next summer or early fall," the 43-year-old star said.

Last week, Cruise revealed that he'd bought a pricy ultrasound machine to see what his child looked like in the womb. Costing anything up to $270,000, the pair said they'd donate the machine to a hospital once their child was born. Cruise also told Walters, who spoke to him for her annual Ten Most Fascinating TV show, that he did not regret the controversy over his anti-psychiatry remarks.

He sparked a heated debate when he criticised Brooke Shields' use of drugs to combat post-natal depression. "I do not regret it, it is the truth," he said.

"Since I started talking about it over 465,000 children have come off these kind of depressants, so it has been a successful summer."

I'M SORRY TOM: "465,000 CHILDREN???" Where would you get  a fact like that? Oh, of course, out OF YOUR ASS like most of your rubbish. 465,000 children??... sheesh, doesn't he know that 94% of all statistics are made up on the spot??? ;)

Oh Cruise is crazy as a bat. That is not true. Like people are writing him and informing him of taking their kids off of meds, so they can do a poll. What a idiot. Please, Cruise, go away. Thank GOD the MSM doesn't pay attention to you.
Hahaha. Tom is PERSONALLY responsible for nearly a half a million kids getting off "street" drugs like ritalin. Give me a frigging break. Could this guy's bloated sense of self-importance be any more huge? A successful summer? Sure it was, if you were aiming to become the lauging stock of the world.
My guess is that Tom was probably quoting The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR). They're just another one of $cientology's front groups, they're clams. If Barbara Walters was a good reporter she'd ask Tom Cruise for the source of his data.
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