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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Cruise announces summer nuptials... (and some other bullsh@t!)

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (Photo: AAP)

Love-struck Hollywood megastar Tom Cruise wants to tie the knot with fiancée Katie Holmes next summer. The couple plan to get married, reportedly in the Dominican Republic or Jamaica, after Cruise finishes filming his latest movie, Mission: Impossible 3, with Lost director JJ Abrams.

Cruise told American TV host Barbara Walters that the couple was aiming for the summer but may have to wait until the autumn. By that time pregnant Holmes, 26, will have given birth to the couple's first child together. Cruise told Walters: "I do not have a film after Mission Impossible and that is a good time to get married."

The couple's first choice of a wedding venue, Cancun, was heavily damaged by Hurricane Wilma so other locations were being looked at. "We are going to get married next summer or early fall," the 43-year-old star said.

Last week, Cruise revealed that he'd bought a pricy ultrasound machine to see what his child looked like in the womb. Costing anything up to $270,000, the pair said they'd donate the machine to a hospital once their child was born. Cruise also told Walters, who spoke to him for her annual Ten Most Fascinating TV show, that he did not regret the controversy over his anti-psychiatry remarks.

He sparked a heated debate when he criticised Brooke Shields' use of drugs to combat post-natal depression. "I do not regret it, it is the truth," he said.

"Since I started talking about it over 465,000 children have come off these kind of depressants, so it has been a successful summer."

I'M SORRY TOM: "465,000 CHILDREN???" Where would you get  a fact like that? Oh, of course, out OF YOUR ASS like most of your rubbish. 465,000 children??... sheesh, doesn't he know that 94% of all statistics are made up on the spot??? ;)



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Sunday, November 27, 2005


Tom Cruise - more bad publicity - as a lousy tipper!

The Post Chronicle™
By Mitch Marconi
Nov 26, 2005

As if Tom Cruise needed more bad publicity. A report from the website entitled www.bitterwaitress.com has labeled TomKat a cheapskate.

BitterWaitress.com has thousands of entries listing the identities of the generous gratuity avoiders.

The so-called 'Shitty Tipper Database' has famous names and regular citizen's side-by-side for turning cheap when the check came.

Tipper's Name: Tom Cruise
Where it happened: New York
Total bill/Tip amount/Percentage: $458.63/$5.00/ 1%
What happened?
Tom and Katie Holmes were absolutely rude as anything I've ever seen!

Jennifer Lopez is a repeat offender according to the website which has along side J-LO's name the words '1% you cheap f**k'

"What a bitch!" declared one entry, after she allegedly left only $1.27 as a tip on $350 bill at an unnamed Manhattan restaurant.

Another entry claimed that Barbra Streisand was equally cheapo in her tipping habits

Tipper's Name: Barbra Streisand
Where it happened: New York
Total bill/Tip amount/Percentage: $457.00/$10.00/ 2%
What happened?
She demanded the best table, acting rude to everyone and then barely tipped.

Britney Spears is another with a 'rap' sheet of multiple offenses.

Barry Manilow, another repeat offender allegedly tipped only $60 on a $564 bill complaining "his flan was too 'caramelly.' "

Superstar Yankees Shortstop Derek Jeter reportedly left a 3 percent tip on a $54.00 bill.

Yankees centerfielder Bernie Williams is a multiple offender - leaving between 7-8%.

According to the New York Post, Reps for the stars listed on the website could not be reached for comment.

Anyone can apparently post to the Web site - so there is no real way to tell if the allegations are true or not.

Not all people named in the database were given a rough review. A few got praised for their deep pockets.

Howard Stern was lauded as a modern-day 'Ol Blue Eyes, who was legendary for handing out $100 bills like they were business cards.

Natalie Portman was also praised, after allegedly giving a $45 tip for a $150 bill. She reportedly signed autographs as well.

Source: http://www.postchronicle.com/news/entertainment/article_2121515.shtml  


Tom Cruise Revealed More Birth Details

Tom Cruise has spoken out about rumours wife-to-be Katie Holmes will be banned from making any noise at her child's birth.

Tom Cruise has spoken out about rumours wife-to-be Katie Holmes will be banned from making any noise at her child's birth, insisting his religion, Scientology, only requires her to be "quiet".

"Like anything, you want to be as quiet as possible," Tom Cruise told talk show host Barbara Walters.

"There have been misinterpretations that the woman can't make any noise, and that's just not true. It's nutty. No, but just calm and quiet."

Tom Cruise also revealed he is going to be a great father, and all he wants is to make Katie Holmes feel great during this exciting period.

"I want Katie to be as comfortable as possible. And whatever she's gonna go through, she's gonna go through. And I'm gonna be there," Tom Cruise reassured.

In the same interview, Tom Cruise revealed he's bought his own sonogram machine so he can watch the growth of his unborn child.

Tom Cruise also shed some light on the wedding plans saying that he and Katie Holmes plan to wed after the baby is born.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


TOM CRUISE has been named the tackiest star of the year in a US newspaper poll.

The movie hunk's famous couch-jumping declarations of love on TV show OPRAH and his public "rants" against psychiatry and postpartum drugs have been blamed for his dishonourable position at the top of the Los Angeles Daily News list, which is voted for by readers.

Cruise beat PARIS HILTON and BOBBY BROWN and WHITNEY HOUSTON to the top spot.

The top five:







Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Tom Cruise Is Still Creepy and Other News

E_TomCruiseKatie4_136.jpg In next Tuesday's Barbara Walters special, Tom Cruise says that he will "forever be jumping on couches." Well then -- I guess I'll forever be cringing at his creepiness. Tom also said that that he recently purchased a sonogram machine so that he and his prisoner gal pal, Katie Holmes, can constantly monitor their spawn. More cringing.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Was Oprah wearing a Scientology cross on her shirt?!

Looks more like a starfish... maybe she's joined the "seaman" religion after watching the Blaintology "super best friends" Southpark show ;)
Sorry, move along, nothing to see here...

Sunday, November 20, 2005


CNN reviews the Scientology/Tom Cruise South Park episode

Check out the review by clicking here
(Classic part is they added up the total "Tom come out of the closet" jokes...in the 22 minute show; 39!)

Watch the entire episode free on scientomogy.info here!


Tom Cruise's Wedding Gift for Kate Holmes

As you know, Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes are getting married as soon as possible. She is pregnant with his baby and they want the child to be born in a family. After Kate's father insisted on a pre-nup that delayed things for a while, nothing stands in their way anymore.

has happily signed the pre-nup that states he is to give Kate a few good millions if they broke up in less than five years, everybody is content, including the Holmes family, so the wedding preparations are on the run.

To start, Tom Cruise has already bought his fiancée the wedding gift. It is not a diamond ring, but a $20 million plane. Considering that
he has charmed her in a plane on their first date, the present has double the value.

“Tom wanted to come up with the most amazing wedding gift ever, something that would make her life so much better than a big diamond on her finger,”, a close friend of the two said.

is trying to give Kate, along with the Gulfstream jet, the passion for flying.


Link to SCIENTOMOGY video archive

Here's a link to an archive of almost all the vids  on www.scientomogy.info (missing YAAFM and a couple of the good ones as yet) BUT there's a few there you won't have seen!

Friday, November 18, 2005


South Park Mocks Tom Cruise, Scientology In Newest Episode

by M. Centanni Nov 18, 2005

You know, they say South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone go too far. Well, admittedly they sometimes do but they are also extremely funny and irreverent. No one and no topic is sacred. They are equal opportunity insulters and frankly quite bright as well.

Sure, the Jesus and Friends bit is offensive to me as a Christian but on the other hand the Satan episodes are rather humorous.

The duo's most recent targets are none other than Tom Cruise and Scientology. They set their crudely animated sights on Scientology and Tom Cruise-topics previously deemed "off limits" due to the actor's close ties to Comedy Central's sister company, Paramount Pictures.

The episode starts off with Stan visiting a Church office where he is hailed as the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard by the leaders of Scientology because of his ot-9 results on the Churches E-meter test. Several Hollywood A-listers gather outside Stan's house, with Tom Cruise going in to talk to the 'Prophet.' Cruise asks Stan what

he thinks of him as an actor and Stan simply says "You're O.K., I mean you're not Leonardo DiCaprio or Napolean Dynamite or anything." To which Cruise responds by saying: "I'm a failure in the eyes of the Prophet" and locks himself in the closet. Cruise is then begged to 'Come out of the Closet Tom.'


Cruise won't come out so John Travolta, Nicole Kidman and R. Kelly go in to try and persuade him. All end up joining him in the closet except for Kidman.

Meanwhile, the head of the church reveals the Secret doctrine of life behind Scientology to Stan. He goes on to tell Stan that the reasons for everyone's woes in the world are because the Evil Lord Xenu frozen some alien souls and dumped them into a volcano in ancient Hawaii. The alien's souls thawed and found human hosts at the dawn of time, inflicting the woes of the world on man. While this story is being told the words "Scientologists really believe this" is shown in various ways on the screen.

Stan eventually buys in and sets his pen to write down new "rules" and "laws." Kyle, Cartman and Kenny try to talk some sense into Stan - "L. Ron Hubbard is a sci-fi writer that got busted by Feds for living with boys on a boat numerous times," says Kyle.

Stan comes out dressed like Caesar 'as the reincarnate of L. Ron Hubbard'.. but Stan, after realizing that the Church was only in it for the money, just can't go through with perpetuating the lie.

"Scientology is just a bug fat global scam," Stan says.

Cruise comes out of the closet [Along with Travolta and R.Kelly] and threatens to sue Stan saying: "I'll sue you in England"

The unwanted cartoon cameo sure comes at a rough time for Cruise. The actor recently dumped his career-wrecking publicist sister Lee Anne DeVette, and has been trying to restore his image with help from Rogers & Cowan spin-masters Paul Bloch and Arnold Robinson.

Comedy Central's parent company, Viacom - which also owns Paramount - probably weren't too keen either about seeing its studio's big-money Mission Impossible 3 star ridiculed yet again.

Knowing Parker and Stone, they probably threatened to walk out if they weren't allowed to do their irreverent thing.

Comedy Central spokesman Tony Fox told Radaronline that he didn't know any details of the show because, "these guys literally write and rewrite the episode almost right up to the moment it airs." Asked whether taking potshots at Cruise and Scientology was a wise move, Fox said the network has Stone and Parker's back: "If you know South Park, they are free and have been free to satirize anybody and anything they want to. They've made fun of MTV, they've made fun of Viacom, they've made fun of Comedy Central, and we've never interfered with them."

Missed it? Go here to view at Scientomogy.info hat tip - Glen

Source: http://www.postchronicle.com/news/entertainment/article_2121343.shtml


10 million members??? Try 55,000!!!!

Check out these figures based on an independent survey of Americans!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Southpark 912 Trapped in the Closet feat. Tom Cruise and Scientology

Religious leaders recognize Stan as the second coming and a whole soap opera unfolds with the help of a famous R&B singer. The results of Stan’s personality test reveal that he’s depressed. While Stan looks to a new religion for answers, the church leaders recognize Stan as the second coming. Some A-List Hollywood celebrities join the faithful who have set up camp right in front of Stan’s house.

Downloadable from www.scienTOMogy.info NOW!


South Park Takes on Tom Cruise, Scientology in New Episode

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone will use their vehicle of Comedy Central's 'South Park' to spoof Tom Cruise and Scientology in Wednesday night's episode.  The episode is titled "Trapped in the Closet."

A tease on Comedy Central's website has a reporter standing outside a house in South Park, "A lot of people here are hoping Tom Cruise will just come out - we're still not exactly sure why Tom Cruise is in the closet…"

This may be brutal.

Radar Online goes deep and grabs tons of info on the upcoming episode. 

Parker and Stone are reportedly nervous about the blowback from the episode. "The duo set their crudely animated sights on Scientology and Tom Cruise—topics previously deemed “off limits” due to the actor’s close ties to Comedy Central’s sister company, Paramount Pictures," Radar reports.  Continuing:

By Josh Hart
Nov 16, 2005

Source: http://www.nationalledger.com/artman/publish/article_27261672.shtml  
Although I haven't seen it yet reports are this episode was right on the money! Nice one South Park!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005



The results say it all. Let's sort something closer to the day... and keep voting below!



Please answer the below - if enough people are keen we'll get it underway!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Oprah Winfrey on Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes: She ain't buying it guys...

Oprah Winfrey has admitted she was as amazed as everyone else when Tom Cruise declared his love for Katie Holmes live on her chat show.

While on the Oprah show Cruise jumped up and down on the sofa declaring his love for Holmes while Oprah watched on in disbelief – mainly because she did not believe the romance was real.

After the crazy Oprah event, Cruise and Holmes were slighted in the media for using their ‘relationship’ to publicise their films ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘War Of The Worlds’.

Oprah agreed with the critics that something was up, she said: "It was wilder than it was appearing to me. I was just trying to maintain the truth for myself because I couldn't figure out what was going on.

"I was not buying - not buying or not buying. That's why I kept saying 'you're gone, you're really gone'."

By: Lowri Williams on 15/11/2005
Story taken from Entertainmentwise www.entertainmentwise.com/news?id=10576

Monday, November 14, 2005


ScienTOMogy.info server seriously attacked over the weekend....

Seems as though our website along with several other sites that someone may feel are critical of it were attacked yesterday and hence we were out of commission over the weekend. Currently the site is running through a mirror and is missing the latest updates... however keep a close on and as soon as you see " NOTE YOU ARE CURRENTLY VIEWING A MIRROR OF OUR SITE DUE TO TECHNICAL PROBLEMS" removed from the front page we're back in action. I am by no means implying the Church had ANYTHING to do with this... may just be some hacker a bit of fun for all we know. Will keep you posted on progress nevertheless! Glen - Founder. UPDATE: ALL SEEMS TO BE FIXED AND FULLY OPERATIONAL!


SCIENTOMOGY RECEIVES MORE PRESS!! Released one hour ago...

Saturday, November 12, 2005




Thanks for all your support guys, just playing the waiting game now... what will the "church" do next?

a) realize this pursuit is doing them 500x more harm than the site could've done alone and walk away?

b) pursue me as we all watch how sinister they become

c) throw in the towel and say "haha gotcha! Scientology is fiction... Tom Cruise you've been punk'd!"

Whatever - stand by as I'm gonna keep adding video clips! 5 more lined up as I type in fact!

My respect and gratitude to you all

Glen Stollery
To make a completely anonymous comment visit our board at http://yourfeedback.blogspot.com

Friday, November 11, 2005


ScienTOMogy website traffic GREATER and INCREASING while Scientology visitor number s-l-o-w...

These results are from www.alexa.com and measured traffic rankings for pretty much every site on the web. This shows www.scienTOMogy.info vs. www.scientology.org
This shows each site's TRAFFIC RANKING - note the lower the number the better (eg yahoo.com is ranked #1) CHECK OUT THE 3 MONTH CHANGE!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


ScienTOMogy.info website hits STAGGERING! OVER 10 MILLION HITS!

Since October 1 2005 www.scienTOMogy.info has had the following;
The truth is getting out there guys - maybe that's why Tom's fired his PR agent!? (well, we'd like to think so!)


Help get "scientomogy" listed in the urban dictionary!

We think Scientomogy should become an official word in the English language - a word that suitably fits anyone who promotes the church to his/her detriment... wanna help?! Head to http://scientomogy.urbanup.com/1508451 and click the "thumbs up" symbol....that's it! That'll really cause some panic at Co$ HQ huh?! ;) Glen

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


The Scoop on MSNBC reports on scienTOMogy (again!)

The scoop on MSNBC gets it right this week....
"Notes from all over
Despite reports that the operator of ScienTOMogy, a Web site mocking Tom Cruise and Scientology, is caving into lawyers for the religion and changing the name of his site, he insists he’s holding fast. “I’m calling your bluff,” he’s saying, according to OpenPress.com. “File your lawsuit, we’re keeping our domain... see you in court.”  . .  .  "

Monday, November 07, 2005


Cruise will go with pro: Bloch to replace star's sister

Tom Cruise has hired veteran publicist and Rogers and Cowan co-chairman Paul Bloch to handle his publicity activities, including those for Cruise-Wagner Prods.

Move replaces Cruise's sister, Lee Anne DeVette, who had been serving as his publicist since March '04, when he parted ways with longtime rep, PMK/HBH's Pat Kingsley.

DeVette has been a professional associate of Cruise's for years, working alongside the actor at his production company Cruise-Wagner Prods. Before taking the lead as his publicist last year, she focused on the marketing and publicity of his films. With the current change, she will completely step away from CWP activities and segue to job in which she will oversee the operations and planned expansion of Cruise's charitable work.

"Lee Anne has done a wonderful job on behalf of myself and Cruise-Wagner Prods. over the last few years," Cruise said in a statement. "But she has always expressed a desire to oversee and expand the day-to-day activities of my charitable endeavors. With our current plans to increase those endeavors, and Cruise-Wagner's increased production slate of film and television projects, this seemed the appropriate time to make that segue and bring Rogers and Cowan on board to handle mine and the company's entertainment-related publicity needs."

DeVette said: "I know how important Tom's charitable goals are to him, and I look forward to assisting in raising the profile of the good works that he does on behalf of children's health issues, mentoring, literacy and other social reforms, as well as the general betterment of the human condition."

Cruise, his comments and his behavior have recently been battered by the media.

With Bloch, Cruise joins a roster that includes John TravoltaBruce WillisSylvester StalloneBilly Bob Thornton, Geena Davis, Anthony HopkinsJerry Bruckheimer, Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley, Steve BingChris TuckerMichael Keaton and David and Victoria Beckham.

Source: http://www.variety.com/article/VR1117932447?categoryid=10&cs=1&s=h&p=0

Sunday, November 06, 2005


I've made it! Now a "notable scientology critic"!

UPDATED!! Yes I am now an official distinguished "notable scientology critic"! Take a look at http://xenu-directory.net/critics/stollery1.html Now I even have my own page! Feels pretty cool too! ;)

Saturday, November 05, 2005




Friday, November 04, 2005



What a lovely gift! Won't he be proud to support this worthy cause!

Thursday, November 03, 2005



Tuesday, November 01, 2005


FW: Hi Glen, regarding your "case"...

From: Dave
Sent: Tuesday, 1 November 2005 3:42 p.m.
To: info@scientomogy.info
Subject: Hi Glen, regarding your "case"...

Hi Glen!

I thought I'd email you to probably share a tip or 2 to help you out.
IMHO, you've no reason to transfer it to the Scientology people if:
a) they only asked nicely, and b) you really intend to use it for as
long as possible. :)

You may or may not know this already. But if your'e outside the
US, the US' ACPA law (which fines guilty parties up to $100K per
name) hardly applies to you, I read you're based in NZ. (?)
I practically wrote in my blog how you should be able to keep the
domain name. Use those tips if you haven't learned any of them
since then.
Good luck with your fight! Please, let us know how it goes!



PS I can't seem to get to your blog. I guess our workplace has it
blocked out. :(
PPS I'll find a way to post in your blog, will have to post elsewhere...

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