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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Spoof site faces religious lawsuit

Oct 19, 2005

A New Zealand website spoofing Hollywood actor Tom Cruise and his religion of choice is facing legal action from the Church of Scientology.

The church is not amused by scienTOMogy - which features spoof videos of the star - and says it is breaching copyright.

When Cruise engaged in some sofa stomping, he coined a new phrase called jumping the couch - the defining moment when someone has gone of the deep end.

From that moment Glen Stollery has been chronicling Cruise's crusade to promote the Scientology Church.

The church is not amused however and says the website name is too similar to its own.

It has sent an impressive legal letter to the Aucklander ordering him to turn over the website name to them or face the consequences of a $100,000 law suit.

"There's nothing wrong with what I've done. It makes it very clear it's not a scientology site," Stollery says.

The potential law suit has turned scienTOMogy into a cult of its own, with entertainment and gossip sites running the story.

"He's criticising but it's clear he's not associated with them and my gut feeling is a court would come down on the side that this is fair criticism," says intellectual property lawyer Earl Gray.

The site has gone from having 100 hits a day to more than a million in a matter of hours.

The church says it has no problem with satirical sites but the name scienTOMogy has to go.

"Trademark law says just changing one letter is still violating the trademark," says Scientology spokesman Mike Ferriss.

Stollery will change the website name to Passion of Cruise but says he won't be relinquishing the scienTOMogy name to the church.

Oh dear. Does that mean we can't use the word science? What about the nursery rhyme about Old Mother Hubbard? I suppose I should stop saying that L.R. Hubbard's books are the written equivalent of a steaming pile of radioative waste. Just in case.
Please, look at this:

I think I will not watch another Tom Cruise Movie again.

I'd encourage others to boycott too...

I hope the Hollywood Execs get the point.
I was very put off about this so-called church getting their undies in a bundle over something as silly as this. What harm is it?? None that I can see. It isn't like we don't know how nuts Cruise is.

God help you if you were to make fun of the Pope. I think the Catholic church has other issues to deal with. Chasing after a guy with a website would be the last on their list. I could go on and on, but I think it's safe to say that the CO$ is crazy to make such a fuss. I didn't like Tom Cruise to begin with, I know I won't be seeing a movie of his ever to be sure. Same for the rest of the kooks/"Stars" who believe in something as ludicris as Thetans.
Harassing critics is a standard practice for $cientologist. It's how L. H. Rubbard taught his mindless followers to deal with critics. I'm not surprised by this at all. I've done my research.

“Show me any person who is critical of us and I’ll show you crimes and intended crimes that would stand a magistrate’s hair on end.”

- L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin, 4 April 1965

You know the best way to fight somebody is to just expose their crimes. If somebody's attacking me, I'm not going to, like, pop them in the nose. If somebody's attacking me, I’m just gonna expose their crimes. That's good enough. - Kirstie Alley 20/20 Interview 12/98

Hence anyone who criticizes $cientology
is seen as a "suppressors" - a criminal in the eyes of the CO$, and they will try to shut you up by any means. They sued the IRS in submission, they were in a lawsuit with Time Magazine for 10 years and they eventually lost. $cientology is a psychotic cult.
Judging from the antics of the $cientology folks, I'd swear they are just a self-serving law firm with tax exempt status. You have e-mail adresses from being served (harassed) by these hacks? Get 'em spammed by some hard-core gay male pornography, it will take them forever to get rid of!
Scientomogy.info is currently down. Is it
the CO$ folks flooding his service provider... (again?).
scienTOMogy.info doesnt seem to be working.
scienTOMogy.com does work.
well i'm glad they are making such a fuss. i never heard of the site until now! it's great. i will never see another tom cruise movie again. i didnt like him much to begin with but when he went crazy about post partum depression i wanted to kick him in his big white teeth. coming from a WOMAN who has suffered and was helped by prozac the man has no right to talk bad about something he will never experience and should shut the hell up. i hope katie gets the baby blues...
I'm appalled that you are making fun of my Tommy. Whatis wrong with believing in the fact that post partum depression is a hoax perpetrated on American woman by all the pediatricians, family doctors and psychiatrists in the world. You might notice FRENCH women don't have post partum depression, IRAQI women also. The native american woman would just go off in the bushes and have a child...and they would say, "no sweat". The aliens who abducted me explained Tom Cruise to me and it was simple. He's their representative on earth and is here to solve all our problems. Katie Holmes is a vessel to carry his lineage to infinity. Long live Father Tommy.
I really hope that last comment was a joke.
ScienTOMogy.info did go offline for a couple of hours today - not sure why. Apologies for the inconvenience...

If I were the powers-that-be in the church of Scientology, I'd be more worried about the followers of theirs that are making them look bad. They oughta be reprimanding these so-called representatives for behaving so irrationally in public. They certainly aren't doing themselves or their "religion" any favors. Seems to me the "church" of Scientology should get their own ducks in a row before they start coming after other people.
I think Scientology is going to have a very tough time surviving in this new information age. Attacking critics has always been their standard practice, but with the flow of information on the Internet they'll never be able to stifle all their critics, like they've done in the past. They're obviously still trying but their actions are only exposing themselves for what they really are. A dangerious money sucking mind control cult.

P.S. Did ScienTOMology already change over to that other domain, is that why his website is no longer working? I wonder if that will stop the harassment.
I'm on your side brother, go to unfortunateideas.blogspot to check it out.
You go dude!! Tom Cruise and the THETAN SOCIETY are dumber than a box of hammers and twice as insane. I'm with you all the way.

For a quicker road to hell try SCIENTOLOGY!!
Whoever you are....I would like to say YOU ROCK!!!!! Tom and the church need to get over themselves and move on with their lives!! I support you 100% and thanks to the media..I would never have found your site...Which is AMAZING!!! I Give you all the credit and Wish you all the best in your future endeavors!!
Next, Glen is going after Madonna and Demi and launching an attack on Kabbalah!

I'm from Auckland too! This site is awesome, don't give up the name :)

From Jen
I'm from Auckland too! This site is awesome, don't give up the name :)

From Jen
Great Hate list/group ! Let's bash hate and DESTROY!

Glem fz
Oh Boy! A witch hunt right before Halloween! Who else can we burn?

fz Sister
all you Freezoners. Why hasn't CO$ come after you for copyright infringement? Did you really break away from the COS©™ or our you guys just another COS©™ front? Seeing as how the COS©™ hasn't come after you yet for using thier precious religios documents and teaching it without their sanction, I'd guess you're the latter. Either that or now you guys are just making up your own crap and believing in it.
Notice they never answered.
Suing, harassing, and threatening are $cientology©™ standard practices.

[A 'suppressive Person' is ] Fair Game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by a Scientologist without discipline of the Scientologist [sic] May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed -L. Ron Hubbard

CO$©™ critics are "fair game."
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