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Monday, October 03, 2005


Seems I'm "fair game" alright...

Apart from Ava's numerous email's and faxes about their trademark claims re http://www.scientomogy.info (which I do not consider harassment), it seems the local chapter of the Co$ has decided to begin a non stop barrage of phone calls, emails, and visits to my home - at any hour day or night.

The phone calls are always from a prepaid cellular phone and they've used plenty of different numbers, normally at night from 8pm till midnight. The first few I was stupid enough to answer but now they just call and call and call.

When I did speak to "a church member here in Auckland" he kept insisting over and over that we meet to talk about my "vendetta" with the church... I explained that my site is about Mr Cruise not the church and that was extremely clear - and all correspondence was to be through my lawyers and Ava - there was nothing else to say.

Then the visits to my home started. Now I have security cameras stationed at my front door and driveway entrance so I have never answered the door and therefore cannot be certain it is the church... but they have my home address and in 8 months of living here never had unsolicited callers - especially almost daily! Though when I do meet these guys at least I'll know them from the footage!

Interesting thing is... Last census showed only approx. 200 Scientologists in the whole of NZ!!

So, I wonder what's next???

First, bravo to you for not letting them intimidate you.

Second, stay safe. They sound truly nuts.
Visits to the home? How is that NOT harrassment?

Stay safe!

PS: Love the use of "Co$"
This is QZ here! Good work!
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