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Thursday, October 20, 2005



If I start a church out of thin air called cruiseology does tom have to change his last name.
This is all in my opinion. Tom Cruise is an idiot. Let's looks at my view. 1) He falls for the sci fi called Scientology and 2) He dumps Nicole Kidman for who? Tom was miscast in Rain Man. He should not have been Charlie when he perfectly fits the profile of Raymond. Tom, again in my opinion, is an idiot. He would not know a true cause if it jumped in front of him.

Can we revoke the Earth-citizenship of all Scientologists (Tom Cruise especially) and deport them to the nearest asteroid?
have you seen this t-shirt?

Kate Cruise's Baby
Personally, I think that's L. Ron Hubbard's baby in there! You know they froze his sperm before he died!
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