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Sunday, October 23, 2005


Blogs all over the world discussing Scientomogy...

Man, do GOOGLE BLOG SEARCH ON SCIENTOMOGY  and you'll see hundreds and hundreds of Blogs discussing Scientology/ScienTOMogy.... some of them are priceless. Take this one from Just Jared: http://justjared.blogspot.com/2005/10/scientomogy-cease-and-desist.html


Man, this story totally blows my Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie W magazine one out of the water. The Church of Scientology has threatened legal action against a New Zealand-based website spoofing Tom Cruise. ScienTOMogy.info has received a cease and desist (C&D) letter from one of the church's legal representatives, Ava Paquette of Moxon & Kobrin. Ava sent this letter via an AOL email address, so we've learned her screenname is AMPaquette. Try IM-ing Ava sometime and let me know how it goes. (Isn't it more professional for legal offices to have their own domain-based email rather than communicate via AOL?) Here's a hilarious excerpt from the C&D --
You are hereby on notice that the registration and use of this domain name [ScienTOMogy.info] in this fashion has caused your name to be falsely associated with our client's registered mark, SCIENTOLOGY, as owner and creates a likelihood of confusion as to the source or sponsorship of this domain name in violation of United States state and federal law... The fact that you have changed one letter (" m" instead of "l") does not protect you from trademark infringement.
Wasn't that great? That almost tops the 4815162342 spelling and grammar mistakes from my own C&D. But sadly, the C&D isn't even the half of it. The owner of ScienTOMogy.info has been deluged with emails after emails after emails after phone calls after phone calls after phone calls. If that wasn't enough, Scientology henchmen obtained the website owner's home address and have been visiting his home all hours of the day! It's gotten so bad that the owner had to install security cameras in front of his home to monitor suveillance! HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT? I'm sure more updates will be posted on ScienTOMogy.info.

Here's the backstory -- The Church of Scientology is notorious for pursing legal action under the name of "Religious Technology Center" (RTC). One C&D demanded a Mr. Shand to remove confidential, unpublished, copyrighted
photographs belongong to L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of The Church of Scientology. And similar to scienTOMogy.info, another C&D demanded that the ownership of truthaboutscientology.com be transferred over to them.

Now here's the back-backstory -- One of the owners of legal office Moxon & Kobrin is Helena Kobrin. Helena has been sanctioned in the past for bringing up frivolous actions.
On May 2, 1994, Helena Kobrin, counsel for the Church of Scientology, was ordered to pay sanctions in the total sum of $17,775 for filing a frivolous complaint in federal court.
But don't feel so bad, Bowles & Moxon only had to pay a portion of that.
Defendants shall recover from Attorney Helena K. Kobrin and the law firm of Bowles & Moxon, jointly and severally, monetary sanctions under Rule 11 in the sum of $8,887.50, as partial reimbursement for attorneys' fees incurred in defending against the amended complaint.

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