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Thursday, July 28, 2005


Steven Spielberg Will Not Be Working With Tom Cruise Again

Tom Cruise, right, kisses director Steven Spielberg at the premiere of War of the Worlds on June 23 in New York.September 21, 2005 - TOM Cruise shouldn't wait by the phone for his old "friend" Steven Spielberg, who directed him in "War of the Worlds," to call reports The New York Post.

Reports from Budapest and Paris, where Spielberg is filming "Munich," say the director is still steamed at Cruise for ranting, during what were supposed to be promotional appearances for the Martian-invasion film, against the widespread use of Ritalin to treat unruly children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder.

One source said: "Steven and his wife [Kate Capshaw] have five children themselves and know some children for whom Ritalin does a lot of good. They took exception to what Tom said about the drug."

Spielberg was also said to be annoyed that Cruise played up Scientology more than the movie during press interviews.

In August, when PAGE SIX started researching this story, we received a letter from Cruise's lawyer Bert Fields, noting:

"We have received word that you are planning a report that Steven Spielberg was upset with Tom about Tom's speaking out about his views on children's use of drugs . . . and that now they are not speaking to each other."

The letter stated: "Each of these statements is absolutely and demonstrably false. Steven is not upset with Tom . . . Tom and Steven remain close friends and are looking forward to working together again. The idea that they are not speaking is not only false but absurd. Actually Steven is shooting a movie in Budapest and Tom is shooting one [in the States]."

But maybe Fields should have talked to Spielberg before writing this letter.

Another source, a close friend of the director, said: "They will not be working together again and Steven will never call him his friend."

When we faxed Fields' letter to Spielberg rep Marvin Levy and asked for comment, Levy stated "...I will get back to you on the [Cruise/Spelberg item] after I talk to Steven."

Levy called back to "decline comment."

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Just thought id look in and see what you have here......feel free to check my Adware site, it might be of some interest...if u like Adware stuff.
Very entertaining! Those friggin' $cientologists are CRAZY!!! What a POS cult. money grubbing bitches! Your Dentist, Chiropractor or Veterinarian may be a $cientologist!!Hard sell=$cientology. Beware- Xenu will prevail-and I'll help.
It's funny to watch this junk. I don't really pay too much attention to the boob tube, but, I watched the Oprah thingy today on scientomogy and was wondering while he was forcing his new girlfriend to come out on stage against her will....was he showing the true face of that Scientology stuff? If it was me, I don't think I would parade my loved ones around the stage like a recalcitrant puppy. What a dork.
Wow, the SPAMbots are hard at work here.

p.s. Fuck $cientology and it's greedy lawyers.
I cant stand Tom Cruise...His comments about the ritalin thing was pathetic, and his slam on Brooke Shields was uncalled for..And not to mention his views on women in labor how they can only moan and not scream!!! I pray that Tom gets a kidney stone and and has to pass it without any pain meds, because according to scientomogy you cant have any drugs for pain...i'm sure he would have some excuse for getting pain meds though
i wonder how tom will react if katie suffers from post-partum depression.... better yet, i wonder how katie will react after learning she can't take meds during labour. i've given birth, believe me, she's going to give him a good slap upside the head!
Is it just me or the Church of Scientology are a little out there? I guess FREEDOM of SPEECH is something that goes against their ideals? Same as INDEPENDENT THOUGHT PROCESS?? Or, RESPECT for other people's life CHOICES? When you start attacking others for their lives, you can ONLY expect to be treated in kind. Who do they think they are? Have we not learned that religious or idealogical extremes are BAD?? I better clam up before some badass lawyer tries to sue me over MY GOD GIVEN RIGHT to EXECUTE MY FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!
Good Grief. You guys are just getting a little too excited. Take it easy and stop giving away your power. You only feed Hollywood by giving them attention.

Give away your TV and get a life.

I did 10 years ago.

Love, Mark
Dumd ass celebs with nothing else to do but go insane. Tom Cruise is a top notch dumbass so dont give up. Keep messing with him and dont let some second rate atty. scare you guys!
I see Mark kept his computer. I have a life but I do enjoy my freedom of free speech and I feel compelled to say that those stupid ass lawyers should find something important to do.
It's all about the "M" they say. Seems I've heard that commercial. The "M" is money for both the crazies and panty waisted TOMmy "boy." Keep chargin'! The crazies want to control the WEB now. TOMmy isn't a straight shooter regardless of the orifice he uses. But he's an expert at everything. Maybe he's the God of Sciento?ogy. All please bow!!!
Now we all know why Nic Kidman&the Thetan Master of the Universe Himself ADOPTED their kids-she would never put up w/that no screaming no pain relief bullshit! To reach the level many Hollywood denizens have reached in the Church of ScienTOMogy (the difference is sooo much more than the stupid "M" you bastard attny!) the cost is a staggering $360,000 in US dollars.
Everyone should know that Hubbard was a satanist, a liar, a thief, and spent much of his middle age hiding from the FBI because his cult, er, church, was wanted on many fruad charges and eventually went banckrupt. He even claimed he could make a atom bomb disapear and reapear! (a mind over matter control the sciensociopathtologists call "as-is-ness"WTF??!) When will folks see the fiction in this supposed science? Free Katie Holmes!
Is anyone aware of the fact that scientology was based upon and it's foundations rest on the words of one man who was certified as crazy and who had NO religious training or medical background? Futhermore, the person believed themselves to be from outerspace somewhere and they wrote fictional stories. (nothing like believing your own hype eh?)
Remember when L.Ron Hubbard use to cut the rattles off rattlesnakes and put them in mailboxes of his enemies???
We are country filled with politically correct viewpoints. Its nice to see someone shout his beliefs on national TV. You wont see many catholic or Jewish celebrities profess their faiths on TV. Mostly because they lost the faith long ago. Those criticizing Tom are those that do not have a strong belief system in their daily lives.
Are they still waiting for that comet to come by and take them to another planet? Scientology is not a religion. It's made up of a bunch of lies and fiction. Come on people, who said aliens are our friends.
Re: About Tom's faith

If tom's faith is so strong then why can't he answer any questions publically about $cientology? All his answers about CO$ are mubo-jumbo, or he tries to intimidate the reporter.

We all know Tom can't talk truthfully about his "faith", and we all know why. $cientology has to get people away from their family and friends to indoctrinate them. $cientology need to groom their followers first, so they're ready for the bullshit that they feed their minds with.
Anonymous said...
We are country filled with politically correct viewpoints. And this is why you elected Bush as your president?? And T.C. attacking Brooke Shields on tv was P.C.?? Its nice to see someone shout his beliefs on national TV. You wont see many catholic or Jewish celebrities profess their faiths on TV. Because we don't need to go around trying to convince people that "our" religion is the best. Those of us that do belong to a "religion" do not engage in trying to convert the world to "our" side. Cults tend do that more often than not. Mostly because they lost the faith long ago. So your theory is that these religions are "dead"? Last time I checked these two religions you mentioned above have the largest following in the world with Christianity having 2.1. Billion followers and Judaism 14 million. Furthermore they are on the list of CLASSICAL World Religions and are considered the "Big Five". Let's not forget to mention the fact that these religions have been around for thousands of years. Did I miss anything here? Those criticizing Tom are those that do not have a strong belief system in their daily lives. Assuming you have a strong belief system, how should those of us who "do practice" a Catholic or Jewish religion gain a strong belief system, since "our" religion is according to you "lost"?
Who really cares about what any of the actors do???
religion is for the weak, and cults are for the stupid.
We all have a right to our own beliefs. It's when you get to telling others that it's "TRUTH" is when you are on shakey ground
this is the first time i'm visiting this sight. thank you thank you thank...you...some one must stop the tomkat craziness. he's crazy and i can't begin to say why i feel katie holmes is being sucked into this weird vortex of tomism. it's soooo nuts.
thank you for letting us speak our minds on the couch jumping,,soon to be over the hill cruise ship the s.s.nutbag..
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