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Thursday, July 28, 2005


Steven Spielberg Will Not Be Working With Tom Cruise Again

Tom Cruise, right, kisses director Steven Spielberg at the premiere of War of the Worlds on June 23 in New York.September 21, 2005 - TOM Cruise shouldn't wait by the phone for his old "friend" Steven Spielberg, who directed him in "War of the Worlds," to call reports The New York Post.

Reports from Budapest and Paris, where Spielberg is filming "Munich," say the director is still steamed at Cruise for ranting, during what were supposed to be promotional appearances for the Martian-invasion film, against the widespread use of Ritalin to treat unruly children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder.

One source said: "Steven and his wife [Kate Capshaw] have five children themselves and know some children for whom Ritalin does a lot of good. They took exception to what Tom said about the drug."

Spielberg was also said to be annoyed that Cruise played up Scientology more than the movie during press interviews.

In August, when PAGE SIX started researching this story, we received a letter from Cruise's lawyer Bert Fields, noting:

"We have received word that you are planning a report that Steven Spielberg was upset with Tom about Tom's speaking out about his views on children's use of drugs . . . and that now they are not speaking to each other."

The letter stated: "Each of these statements is absolutely and demonstrably false. Steven is not upset with Tom . . . Tom and Steven remain close friends and are looking forward to working together again. The idea that they are not speaking is not only false but absurd. Actually Steven is shooting a movie in Budapest and Tom is shooting one [in the States]."

But maybe Fields should have talked to Spielberg before writing this letter.

Another source, a close friend of the director, said: "They will not be working together again and Steven will never call him his friend."

When we faxed Fields' letter to Spielberg rep Marvin Levy and asked for comment, Levy stated "...I will get back to you on the [Cruise/Spelberg item] after I talk to Steven."

Levy called back to "decline comment."

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